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ASM Highlights - Better Together

This year's theme of "Better Together" recognises the diverse nature of the occupational health community and focuses on bringing health professionals together for an exciting learning and networking experience. Working "better together" will be explored in the sessions below:


Look out for: 

Day 1: Better Together: joining research teams and medical specialists
Professor Ming Hao Zheng, Winthrop Professor, Associate Dean (international), University of Western Australia; Associate Professor Gerald Hardisty, Orthopaedic Surgeon; Dr Arjun Rao, Sports Medicine Physician
Collaboration between researchers and clinicians is key to achieving successful translation of innovations into practice. In this session, delegates will hear about exciting new technologies supporting regeneration of tendon and cartilage and the repair of soft tissues and how these technologies are applied in practice and how this is facilitated by collaborative relationships.

Day 2: Occupational travel - a team based approach
Dr Peter Burke, Travel Medicine Specialist
Occupational travel presents a number of complex issues for the advising occupational health professional due to considerations of interest of the employee, employer, and other stakeholders. Recent developments in travel medicine practice will be discussed in context of a team-based approach.

Day 2: Winning behaviours in a multidisciplinary team
Dr Max Hills, Chief Medical Officer, Chevron Australia; Panel members from Chevron Australia
Successful teams don't just happen! Understanding and fostering the behaviours that contribute to successful collaboration is essential in the delivery of services. Members of the team will present on behaviours that drive efficiency, excellence and results and how they can be applied to your practice.


Rottnest Island: winter-friendly activities

Start planning for a relaxing and enjoyable pre-conference event at Rottnest Island. From scenic walking trails to segway tours, there are a plethora of winter-friendly activities you can get on board with this August!

Visit https://goo.gl/Xsq4X6 for more information.


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